Hey, I'm Linus Stueben and a 19 year old awarded Fashion Design student from Germany. 

My aim is to challenge the norm by redefining what clothing can be and not do clothing and art as it has always been done. I want to change people's perception of what they wear . 

I like to work on the edge between Fashion and Art

The way we see things is constantly developing and changing and I want to initiate that change. 

In recent years I have worked extremely hard to achieve those goals and I have never lost sight of them.

Having studied Fashion Design in London for a year in 2017 I had to opportunity to get an inside into the industry and develop myself as a designer.

During my time in London, I took part in a national Fashion Designer competition named Young Fashion Designer UK Contest where I made it to the final stage of the competition. During the process I had to present my work and garment to a selected panel of judges including Robert Leach. I came third out of over 600 applications.

After this year I spent two more years in Germany to finish school.

During my time back in Germany I worked at several projects as Installations, Performances or a fashion collection.

Furthermore, I started the party series "MICROPARTY"